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Recognizing & Responding to
Implicit Bias

Easily meet your implicit bias training requirement for licensing and renewal with the 1-hour course for healthcare professionals.

1 CME, CEU, CCM, or CDE credit

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1 Hour Online Course

1 Hour Online Course

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What is Implicit Bias?

Bias is a preference for or against something, someone, or some groups. There's nothing inherently wrong with bias—it helps your brain process information quickly and efficiently. 

However, bias can be problematic when it affects decision-making and creates unfair advantages or disadvantages for individuals or groups. 

Implicit bias training helps people identify and overcome automatic processing to make person-centered decisions that place people at the forefront of their healthcare.

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Implicit Bias for Michigan

If you are a healthcare provider working in Michigan, we have a special blended learning solution for you that meets LARA requirements for interaction between the instructor and participants.

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Judgment-Free Skill Building

Nobody's perfect, but we all want to do better. 

Quality Interactions courses provide expert guidance and tested strategies developed from real experience working with diverse patients in clinical care environments. We're not here to make you feel guilty or point out your mistakes. Our goal is to give you the cross-cultural skills that have helped us (and 400,000 other learners) improve care for patients of all backgrounds. 

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Course Overview

Course Overview

Developed for healthcare professionals by practicing physicians and experts in cross-cultural care, this course provides an essential overview of the research surrounding implicit bias, its societal prevalence, and effects in healthcare and the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of taking this course, learners will have measurable progress and build skills in essential areas related to reducing the effects of implicit bias. Participants are able to:
  • Describe cognitive shortcuts used by the brain to process information
  • Define implicit bias and provide examples
  • Discuss the potential consequences of implicit bias when interacting with others
  • Identify strategies to minimize the impact of implicit bias in various settings and situations

Skills Gained

Cross-Cultural Communication

Cross-Cultural Communication

Decision Making

Decision Making

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Relationship Building

Relationship Building

Learner feedback

"This training was helpful to provide a practical overview of implicit biases and action steps to help prevent biases from influencing decision making."

Dara, QI Learner

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Meet your state licensing requirements in just one hour with approved and accredited implicit bias training.

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If you need to train a healthcare team of 10 or more, let's start the conversation with a personal demo that allows you to experience the course, ask questions, and get detailed information about bringing implicit bias training to your organization. 

  • Created by practicing physicians and experts in cultural competency and implicit bias
  • Provides peer-to-peer learning and field-tested strategies to reduce the impact of implicit bias
  • Developed specifically for healthcare providers, with real-world clinical case studies and practice scenarios to build skills and apply knowledge

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Bring implicit bias training to your organization.

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