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Maryland Implicit Bias Training—CME, CEU, CCM, CDE

Easily meet your implicit bias training requirement for licensing and renewal with 1-hour Maryland Implicit Bias Training for healthcare professionals.

Approved Maryland Implicit Bias Training

If you're a licensed healthcare provider looking to meet your implicit bias, you're in the right place. 

Our one-hour Maryland Implicit Bias Training CEU/CME/CCM/CDE is approved by Maryland's Cultural and Linguistic Health Care Professional Competency Program to meet your licensing requirements.

1 Hour Course

1-Hour Course

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About Maryland Implicit Bias Training for healthcare providers

Meet your Maryland implicit bias requirement with a premium learning experience that goes beyond checking a box.

Quality Interactions' Maryland Implicit Bias Training includes a one-hour self-directed online course that helps you build invaluable self-awareness and communication skills that will benefit your career. 

Maryland Implicit Bias Training provides: 

  • A deep dive into the science behind implicit bias as a natural byproduct of cognitive processes
  • A comprehensive understanding of the impact of implicit bias on healthcare disparities  
  • Proven strategies to overcome implicit bias and improve clinical decision-making
  • CEU/CME/CCM/CDE credit and Certificate of Completion 
about maryland implicit bias training

"The course was interesting and gave me a lot to reflect on. I'm relieved to have my implicit bias requirement out of the way! "

Fiona, a Pediatric Nurse
Frederick, MD


Who Needs Maryland Implicit Bias Training?

Maryland's SB28 law states that all healthcare professionals licensed by a health occupations board to complete an approved implicit bias training program the first time they renew their license or certificate after April 1, 2022.​

This includes doctors, nurses, dentists, physical therapists, dietitians, speech pathologists and audiologists, massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, morticians, psychologists, counselors and therapists, and social workers. 

This is a one-time requirement for 1 hour of implicit bias training per renewal. 

Quality Interactions Maryland Implicit Bias Training makes it easy and enjoyable to complete your training requirement. 

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Meet Your Implicit Bias Requirement

Easily meet your licensing requirement today with engaging, accessible Maryland Implicit Bias Training CEU/CME/CCM/CDE approved for Maryland healthcare professionals.

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We offer tiered pricing based on how many licenses you require. Request a demo to learn how you can bring Maryland Implicit Bias Training to all the professionals at your organization.

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Approved Implicit Bias training for your entire organization.