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Blended Learning Solutions for Any Healthcare Population

Comprehensive eLearning Portfolio

Over 25 eLearning courses for both clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals include foundational cultural competency and specialized topics.

Online Resource Center

This quick-access reference site helps healthcare professionals manage cross-cultural challenges and improve interactions in real time.

Cultural Competency Assessment

The QI Compass™ is an organizational assessment designed to track growth over the course of your cultural competency initiative and highlight areas of need.

Live Training & Consultation

A flexible, live training model reinforces core cultural competency models and connects learning to the unique daily challenges faced within your organization.


25+ courses for clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals

Our unparalleled eLearning portfolio is the only solution set designed exclusively for healthcare professionals by practicing physicians and experts in cultural competency. Topics include:

  • Foundational cultural competency
  • Population health
  • Cross-cultural issues
  • Simulated interactions for applied learning
Learners can access personal learning pathways on desktop or mobile devices via our secure, online platform, and may pause, resume, and revisit content at any time. Learn more

Resource Center

Quick access cultural competency resource center for organizations

This at-your-fingertips reference site is designed to help healthcare professionals improve daily communications and manage cross-cultural challenges in real-time. Detailed information is presented in a digestible format on the following topics:

  • Ethnic Origin Reference Pages
  • Major World Religions
  • Common Clinical Issues
  • Difficult Cross-Cultural Situations
  • Language & Interpretation
  • Foundations in Cultural Competency

Organizational Assessment

Identify needs, solicit buy-in, track growth

The Cultural Competency Compass™ (QI Compass) is a research-based assessment tool designed to understand key areas of performance directly related to healthcare equity, quality, and cost.

QI Compass surveys take just 5-10 minutes to complete and provide useful data to identify cultural competency training needs, solicit buy-in, and track progress across organizational initiatives.


Live Training & Consultation

Fortify your organizational initiative

Live training reinforces core concepts covered in our eLearning courses, and allows organizations to delve deeper into the specific issues most relevant to their employee groups. By connecting theory to real-life challenges, Quality Interactions live training ensures that eLearning investments have a direct impact on daily practices and the development of professional, cross-cultural skill sets.

We also provide leadership-level seminars facilitated by our co-founders to solidify buy-in and engage the c-suite/management in cultural competency efforts.

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