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Implicit Bias Training for Michigan Healthcare Providers

LARA Compliant Michigan Implicit Bias Training—CEU, CME, CCM, CDE

Earn CEU/CME/CCM credits

Quality Interactions equips healthcare professionals across Michigan with the knowledge and skills to identify and address implicit bias in healthcare. We offer premium-quality courses that meet Michigan's healthcare licensing requirements, enabling you to provide the best care possible to all patients.

Premium LARA compliant Michigan implicit bias training courses

Our courses, designed by leading physicians and subject matter experts, are geared toward doctors, nurses, mental health providers, chiropractors, physical therapists, and other health and wellness professionals. We offer two board-certified credit options to meet your needs for Michigan implicit bias training:

1-Credit Hour Implicit Bias Course

"Recognizing and Responding to Implicit Bias" – This course offers a comprehensive dive into understanding implicit bias in healthcare and provides actionable steps to address it. 

2-Credit Hour Implicit Bias Course

Our bundle includes both "Recognizing and Responding to Implicit Bias" and "Advancing Racial Health Equity and Addressing Bias" – This option goes a step further by offering methods for promoting health equity and identifying bias in healthcare systems.

Michigan implicit bias training 2 credit hours

Michigan LARA compliant

All courses are LARA compliant to help you easily meet your implicit bias training requirement in Michigan.

Judgment-free content

93% of learners agree QI courses help them manage a diverse patient population with more confidence and empathy.

Certificate and CE credit

You will earn a certificate of completion and 1 CE credit for all courses you complete with a score of 70% or more on the post-test (you can retake the post-test as many times as you like).

1-Credit Hour Implicit Bias Course

Earn one CEU/CME/CCM credit


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2-Credit Hour Implicit Bias Course

Earn two CEU/CME/CCM credits


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Case study

Michigan implicit bias training for nurses

Michigan implicit bias training for nurses

Your nursing license is valid for two years. According to the Michigan implicit bias training requirement, you need one hour of implicit bias training per year of your license, or 2 hours of implicit bias CEU credits each time you renew your nursing license. You should take our 2-Credit Hour Implicit Bias Course.

Earn 2 CEUs Now

Michigan licensing requirements and compliance

Implicit bias training for all healthcare professionals

Michigan requires that all healthcare professionals take implicit bias training as a part of the healthcare licensing and renewal process. Our course options fulfill this requirement, allowing you to maintain your license and gain valuable, practical cross-cultural skills.

Q. How many hours of implicit bias training do you need in Michigan?

You may need 1, 2, or 3 hours of Michigan implicit bias credit hours, depending on the terms of your healthcare license and where you are in the licensing process. 

  • If you're a first-time applicant for licensure or registration, you must have completed a minimum of 2 hours of Michigan implicit bias training within the previous five years.
  • If you're renewing your license or registration, you must complete 1 hour of Michigan implicit bias training for each year of your license or registration cycle.
  • In March 2023, LARA amended its requirement to allow asynchronous implicit bias training to meet the mandate. Our courses are asynchronous, self-paced, and engaging.
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Buy 1-Credit Hour Course

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Michigan implicit bias training for healthcare workers

Meet the mandate with an engaging, results-oriented online bias course

Why choose Quality Interactions? We help you get the most out of meeting your Michigan implicit bias requirement. Our online courses are highly interactive, keeping you engaged and actively participating. We use case studies, real-world scenarios, interactive activities, and personal stories to ensure our content resonates with learners.

✅ Pre- and post-testing

As required by LARA - Assessments allow you to measure your skill development and build confidence in your ability to recognize and address implicit bias.


✅ 24/7 On-demand learning

Access your course at your own pace and on your preferred schedule. Your course progress transfers between devices for on-the-go convenience. 


✅ Certificate of completion

Each course comes with a certificate of completion and is accredited for 1 CEU/CME/CCM credit hour.

Make a Difference in Michigan Health Outcomes

Take a step towards advancing health equity in Michigan with premium implicit bias training. Meet your state licensing requirement and be part of the solution to reducing healthcare disparities and improving patient care across the state.

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Learner Feedback

91% of learners say QI courses improve their delivery of care

"I absolutely loved each and every scenario in this training. It really was an eye-opener about the unconscious mind. One of the best courses I have ever been through."

QI Learner

"The activities were interesting and interactive. The information provided was backed by data and included a personal story which made it very real."

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implicit bias requirements Michigan

Meet Your Implicit Bias Requirement for Michigan Healthcare Providers

Quality Interactions' premium implicit bias training is the comprehensive choice for doctors, nurses, and other health and wellness providers practicing in Michigan. Visit our store to purchase your 1-Credit Hour Implicit Bias Course or 2-Credit Hour Implicit Bias Course today.

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Organizational Leader

Organizational Purchase

We offer tiered pricing based on how many people you need to train. Contact us to learn how you can affordably bring LARA-compliant implicit bias training to all the professionals at your organization.

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