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Megan Bedford

Megan Bedford is Vice President of Content & Marketing for Quality Interactions.

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Ensuring Health Equity for LGBTQ Patients Across Generations

By Megan Bedford on 9/15/21 1:30 PM

LGBTQ Health Equity

The United States has a long history of anti-LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) bias that has negatively impacted LGBTQ health and healthcare. Although social acceptance of the LGBTQ community continues to improve, historical elements of discrimination have left an imprint on our healthcare system, including how LGBTQ individuals experience and interact with it. In our quest for greater equity, we must examine this history, and respond with substantial changes to our policies and practices. This includes cultural competency education for healthcare workers to ensure they are prepared to engage with confidence and respect.

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Delta & Communities of Color [Event Recap]

By Megan Bedford on 8/12/21 3:45 PM

This content is based on a live web event with Dr. Joseph Betancourt held on August 5, 2021. Watch the video here.

The Delta Variant is Driving a New Surge of Covid Infections

Just as the US emerged from the depths of the pandemic, carried by the strength of the Covid-19 vaccines, the Delta variant has caused a new wave of infections across the country. One month ago, 19% of Americans lived in areas with high or substantial community transmission of Covid. Today, 98% of us do.

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Black Maternal Health Week and Beyond

By Megan Bedford on 4/16/21 1:38 PM

Change requires everyday awareness

Black Maternal Health Week (BMHW) is an annual campaign, founded by the Black Mamas Matter Alliance, that takes place every year between April 11-17. April is National Minority Health Month in the U.S., intending to advance health equity for racial and ethnic minorities. BMHW specifically aims to raise awareness of the stark disparities in maternal health. This year, for the first time, the White House issued an official proclamation establishing BMHW and calling on all Americans to raise awareness of the state of Black maternal health in the U.S. But to make a meaningful difference for Black mothers and babies and close the gaps in care and outcomes, we must make the commitment year-round.

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Key Ingredients For Vaccine Equity [Event Recap]

By Megan Bedford on 3/25/21 10:21 AM

This is a recap of a live event held on March 19, 2021, with Dr. Joseph Betancourt and Michele Courton Brown. view the video recording.

Covid Vaccination: Where we stand

The U.S. has recently seen a steep decrease in Covid-19 cases, hospital admissions, and deaths. These trends are a welcome relief. However, significant concerns remain about the possibility of a fourth wave due to Covid variants and the loosening of restrictions that establish social distancing. Parts of Europe and South America provide a clear warning as they undergo further lockdowns to stop Covid's spread. We are in a tenuous moment when our vaccination efforts are in a race against variance and the spread of infection. 

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Ensuring Equity in Virtual Healthcare [Event Recap]

By Megan Bedford on 11/13/20 1:17 PM

What is virtual care?

As healthcare organizations look for ways to increase value, reduce costs, and improve access to services, the industry has begun to embrace digital technologies, including video, audio, mobile apps, and text messaging. 

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The Pandemic's Impact on Mental Health [Event Recap]

By Megan Bedford on 10/21/20 4:30 PM

Mental Health Disparities and Covid-19

As the country absorbs the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives, we face a bereavement crisis borne disproportionately by minority communities. New data show that in 2020, deaths among non-Hispanic white people have been 11.9% higher than average. In contrast, the increases have been much more severe in the Latinx community (53.6% higher), the Asian community (36.6% higher), the Black community (32.9% higher), and in American Indians and Alaskan Natives (28.9% higher). These death rates correlate with racial and ethnic disparities in the incidence of Covid-19 and reflect the disproportionate burden experienced by communities of color. 

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Cross-Cultural Communication in Unprecedented Times

By Megan Bedford on 7/9/20 2:00 PM

A Call to Action for Healthcare Providers

During June of 2020, Quality Interactions held a weekly live webcast series of conversations on how to provide culturally-competent healthcare amid the Covid-19 pandemic and social unrest due to racial injustice. Led by Dr. Joseph Betancourt, and moderated by Michele Courton Brown, these candid discussions drew on Dr. Betancourt's experience leading the pandemic response at Massachusetts General Hospital and his longtime leadership in the fight against racial and ethnic healthcare disparities.

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News Media Call on Dr. Betancourt to Illuminate COVID-19 Disparities

By Megan Bedford on 4/16/20 7:46 PM

Top media outlets, including NPR and CNN, have turned to Quality Interactions Co-Founder, Dr. Joseph Betancourt, to better report on the critical issue of health disparities and the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Even in the absence of adequate race and ethnicity data, a clear picture of disparities in COVID-19's impact has nonetheless emerged: Black and Latino communities are the hardest hit. This is not due to features of the virus itself, but is an indicator of social conditions—including population density and socioeconomic status—which put black and Latino individuals at higher risk for contracting and perishing from the respiratory illness.


Dr. Betancourt is on the front lines of the epidemic at Massachusetts General Hospital, where he serves as Vice President and Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer, as well as a primary care physician. As a leading expert in health equity, Dr. Betancourt has been named to the City of Boston COVID-19 Health Inequities Task Force, alongside Quality Interactions CEO, Michele Courton Brown.


This summary of Dr. Betancourt's recent interviews provides a primer on how COVID-19 has created a perfect storm for communities of color and offers direction for how municipalities and institutions should apply immediate efforts to stem the tide.


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From Social Determinants to Drivers of Health [Video]

By Megan Bedford on 11/19/19 12:41 PM

Social Drivers with Dr. Betancourt

A model for value-based healthcare

As healthcare moves toward a value-based system that rewards positive outcomes over procedures, social determinants of health (SDOH) are a central part of the effort to improve overall health and reduce health disparities.

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Quality Interactions Selected as ACAP Preferred Vendor | Company News

By Megan Bedford on 8/22/19 10:31 AM

Quality Interactions’ pioneering cultural competency education is ACAP’s choice to reduce unconscious bias and improve customer experience for member organizations.

We are pleased to announce that Quality Interactions was selected as a Preferred Vendor by the Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP)

ACAP is a national trade association representing not-for-profit Safety Net Health Plans. ACAP’s goal is to support and strengthen Safety Net Health Plans as they work with communities and providers to improve the health of vulnerable populations. ACAP members represent over 50 percent of individuals enrolled in Medicaid-based programs. The Preferred Vendor Program connects ACAP members with vendors who are optimized to meet their unique needs. 

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