unconscious bias training

Recognizing and Overcoming Unconscious Bias

CME, CEU, CCM Credit

Audience: All employees who work in a healthcare setting


About this Course

In order to efficiently process vast amounts of information, the human brain makes countless decisions every day without our conscious awareness or control. While these unconscious processes are natural and necessary, they can also be significantly biased by cultural stereotypes. Research shows that unconscious biases significantly contribute to disparities in healthcare services and within the workplace, but that with education and conscious effort, these harmful biases can be overcome. This course provides an essential overview of the research surrounding unconscious bias, its societal prevalence, and its effects in health care and the workplace. Participants learn strategies for recognizing and addressing implicit bias, and practice applying these techniques to interactive case scenarios.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand cognitive shortcuts used by the brain to process information
  • Explain unconscious bias and provide examples
  • Assess the potential consequences of unconscious biases when interacting with others
  • Apply strategies to minimize the impacts of unconscious bias in various settings and situations

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