Managing Covid-19

The Next Phase: Delta & Communities of Color

August 5, 2021

An urgent conversation with Dr. Joseph Betancourt, co-leader of Mass General Hospital's Covid-19 response and a cofounder of Quality Interactions. 


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Discover high-quality, accredited solutions to increase cultural competency at your organization. Our e-Learning platform includes courses on cross-cultural communication, unconscious bias, and many more.

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Pre- and Post-Assessments

Learners can gauge the impact of the training with pre- and post-assessments to measure knowledge. Assessments aid individual understanding and also help the organization collect data to show the effectiveness of cultural competency initiatives to patients, staff, community members, and other stakeholders. 

MH Course Pretest


This course presents real-world case vignettes based on the experience of practicing clinicians. This allows learners to explore issues and solutions common in the healthcare setting. Learners are asked to analyze the scenarios and apply strategies to create "quality interactions." 


MH Case Scenario
"My level of empathy and self-awareness increased after this module, even though I felt it was already at a high level."
Quality Interactions Learner


Participants earn 1 CCE, CMU, or CME credit, a downloadable certificate of achievement, and social media badges.  

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