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OHA-Approved Continuing Education 

Quality Interactions courses are approved by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) based upon criteria for high-quality cultural competency education. 

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Culture Matters in Healthcare

21.5% of Oregonians identify as a person of color, and Oregon is one of the most language-diverse states in the nation. 

Research shows that social and cultural factors affect the presentation of health conditions and influence perspectives about treatment and care management.

Quality Interactions eLearning provides OHA-approved solutions that fulfill Oregon's cultural competency requirements for healthcare practitioners, including medical, mental health, dental, chiropractic, and massage therapy providers.

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Quality Interactions sets the standard for cultural competency eLearning that is accessible, engaging, and effective. Our courses make it easy to earn credits to meet Oregon's cultural competency CE requirements. Choose from an array of topics in cultural competency, approved by the Oregon Health Authority, and earn your CME/CEU/CDE credit for the healthcare professional boards impacted by Oregon's CCCE legislation.



Recognizing & Overcoming Unconscious Bias

Cross-Cultural Care in Mental Health & Depression

Creating a Welcoming Environment for LGBTQ Individuals

Working with Specific Populations: Hispanic/Latino

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"My level of empathy and self-awareness increased after this module, even though I felt it was already at a high level."
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Courses crafted by pioneers in cultural competency research deliver validated learning you can trust.


Peer-reviewed research ensures proven approaches and purposeful learning for real impact.

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Real-life case scenarios blend with interactive exercises to make learning meaningful and lasting.


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Quality Interactions is the leading provider of cultural competency training and education for the healthcare industry. A certified Minority Business Enterprise, Quality Interactions is exclusively dedicated to providing the best learning experiences for a diverse, inclusive, and culturally agile healthcare workforce.

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Quality Interactions courses are accredited by the ACCME and ANCC boards and the ADA. Choose from a variety of topics in cultural competency to meet online training requirements today.

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