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Improving Patient Experience - A Case Study

5/21/19 10:04 AM


Massachusetts General Hospital improved patient experience—learn how you can too

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is one of the nation's top medical institutions and a leader in the practice and research of medicine. It was established a community hospital charged with serving the medical needs of Boston's diverse population. Over 200 years later, people travel from all over the world to seek medical care at MGH, and serving diversity is still central to its mission.

When MGH discovered its minority patients felt they received lower quality medical care than white patients, MGH knew it needed to improve patient experience with more culturally-sensitive healthcare. Get the story behind how they did it and see the results.

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Uncovering the problem

MGH surveyed its patients and discovered that minorities felt they received lower quality care compared to white patients. Hospital leaders knew that, to address the disparity in patient experience, they needed to provide staff with an educational foundation in cultural competency that was grounded in a person-centered approach.

Finding a solution

MGH wanted expert help to improve minority patent experience, so it sought out leaders in the forefront of cultural competency. MGH was looking for a solution that offered proven success with minimal disruption to daily work life.

Quality Interactions stood out for our pioneering cultural competency programs that are proven to change behavior. Highlights include:

  • Person-centered approach to cultural competency designed specifically for the healthcare industry
  • Rigorous content based on peer-reviewed research and field-tested exercises
  • Blended eLearning pathways that are easily accessible and effective

Creating results

Quality Interactions partnered with MGH implement curriculum that addressed the specific needs of its clinical and non-clinical staff. Results show dramatic improvements in minority patient experience and physicians’ understanding of health disparities and cultural competency. Download the full case study for details and metrics.

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Success within reach

You and your patients can benefit from the same cultural competency solutions that MGH and other top hospitals use to improve patient experience and increase health equity.

Our mission is to make high-quality cultural competency training accessible for all healthcare professionals. We offer a range of programs and services to meet your organization where it's at, and help you achieve your goals.

Get started by downloading the full case study to learn how MGH successfully improved patient experience and your organization can, too.

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Andres Echeverri

Written by Andres Echeverri

Andres Echeverri is Director of Business Development & Strategic Accounts at Quality Interactions. Andres builds and manages client relationships and business strategies, and oversees program renewal for current clients.