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QI Resource Center

The Quality Interactions Resource Center is an at-your-fingertips reference site, designed to help healthcare professionals improve their daily communications and manage cross-cultural challenges in real-time.


This online resource provides detailed information in a digestible format, including the core cultural competency models presented in our eLearning courses.

Unlike other cultural “databases” on the market that perpetuate stereotypes by simply cataloging cultures and ethnicities, the Quality Interactions Resource Center presents cultural origins, beliefs, practices, and common issues through the lens of our person-based approach. Truly intended to be a resource for healthcare professionals who have engaged in some level of cultural competency training, our Resource Center helps solidify and extend learning to real-time interactions in clinical and non-clinical settings.

We offer an online resource center for direct care providers, such as hospitals, as well as a separate site specifically tailored to health plans. Both offer a wealth of information, organized by the following categories:

  • Ethnic Origin Reference Pages
  • Major World Religions
  • Common Clinical Issues
  • Difficult Cross-Cultural Situations
  • Language & Interpretation
  • Foundations in Cultural Competency

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